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Aaron Winchell Demonstrates
How to Tie A Hackamore

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This is a smaller inside HH bosal of 16 plait rawhide with finer kangaroo buttons and latigo hanger. Tying the reins longer is good for starting a young horse, especially one that is going to cover country. The reins can be tied shorter as the horse's education progresses and, of course, when moving to the 1/2 inch then the 3/8ths inch.

It has not been hand shaped, yet. Having the rope lay flat as it is tied is important for the comfort of the horse and the longevity of the mecate.

Mane mecate strands with a core are spun one way and then twisted against itself the opposite direction when making the rope. When tying up the hackamore, working counterclockwise retains the twist in the rope rather than working against it and loosening the strands.

The word "mecate" is taken from the Aztec word meaning "rope."

Thanks to Ali Schultz for the camera work.

CC Bosal

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