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Coming and Going at the Pony Express

Welcome to the Pony Express Station.
Items from this page are ready to go as quickly as you can order them.

Avoid the congestion, save gas, and don't make yet another trip to a generic mall.
Shop at home and find that perfect, one of a kind, made in USA gift that you need in a hurry.

As our inventory changes, new items will become available here, so check back often!

In a hurry to catch your horse or a stage for a special occasion?
Let us know, and we’ll include western gift wrapping for free.

Rawhide Rejuvenator

It's time to inspect, clean and condition your gear. Keeping your rawhide clean adding a little conditioning is one of the best ways to preserve your gear. Introducing the California Classics Rawhide Rejuvenator. This is an all natural soap intended to clean and condition all of your rawhide gear. None of the ingredients are harmful to rawhide. The primary ingredient is tallow made from grass fed beef (rawhiders lead very exciting lives). A lot of work has gone into developing a soap that is easy to wash off without leaving a heavy residue which will just attract more grit and dirt.

Each container contains 12oz. with room to work up a good lather without slopping it over the edge of the container. A piece of wool fleece, like the one shown above, will work well for cleaning, but a shaving brush is the best way to go.

Click here to read more about Rawhide Rejuvinator.

$16.50 plus shipping

Cowboys & Images, William Mathews

Borein Drawings & Paintings Vol.1

Edward Borein Cowboy Artist

Trails Plowed Under, CM Russell, 1st ed.

The Color of Horses, Ben Green, 1st ed., out of print

Encyclopedia of Braiding, Grant, hardbound

Cattle on a Thousand Hills, paper

Irvine Ranch, paper

These Were the Vaqueros, Rojas, inscribed, looser binding

Vaqueros and Buckaroos, Rojas, inscribed first edition, rare

Vaqueros and Buckaroos, Rojas, inscribed third edition

The Cattle King, paper

Phillips and Guiterrez hardbound catalog, signed and numbered, ltd. ed.

This is a sample of a few of the items on consignment eligible for immediate shipment.
For a list of vintage bits for sale, write with your needs. For further information or photos, email or call 805-434-3858

Vintage collectible spade bit

In on consignment is this lightly used spade by the Miller Bit folks. Not uncommon for Miller Bit & Spur, there is no maker mark. It is a "conquistador" style according to the Miller catalog and retains much of the original bluing. It belonged to an old friend who ordered it new in the 1980's. The rein chains are by Bill Wimmer.

The mouthpiece action is evenly loose on both sides. It weighs 1.8 pounds with the rein chains and sports a 5 inch cannon. The spade is 3.75 inches tall. The "ears" are slightly tipped outwards to give a little more room.

$800 (plus appropriate tax for CA residents) and shipping.

North and Judd manufactured spurs that were used and sold throughout the West. Today, the Hercules Bronze spurs are still seen at work or can be found in collections. Hercules Bronze was a trademark of North and Judd. These spurs are also marked with a star that was inherited as a trademark from August Buerman.

The stamping features an attractive leaf design. Elevated solid buttons in the traditional style help to keep your spurs in place on the heel of your boot. They don't twist or tweak with use.
Ten point rowels are 1.75 inches in diameter with a 2-inch straight shank. This historic pair would make a great ladies' or youth spur for any western rider.


Need spur straps? Order yours stamped, border stamped or fully carved, lined and stitched.

One of the best ways to give some credence to your outfit is to add the work of Jack Swanson CAA. Jack Swanson CAA, was one of the best Vaquero artists ever. He painted from experience rather than photos. His life included working on the ranches of the Pacific Slope. Each of these quality prints is a limited edition and each is signed and numbered (one is an artist’s proof). Heralded of late in Ranch and Reata Magazine, Jack and his depictions of the Pacific Slope, was a true treasure of the West honed through hard work and dedication to authenticity rather than the fanciful. Note his horses and gear shown in a variety of epochs. Jack Swanson's work is collected around the world and is hanging in the White House, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the Russell Museum, the National Center for American Western Art, the homes and estates of celebrities and some of us ranch folks.

This limited edition is a favorite (which I believe is now sold out by the artist). The Monterey style home with balcony is representative of those of the era. There was time for courting, but with some distance. Is there the hint of the señorita’s dueña in the shadows chaperoning? You can just about hear the music. "Romance in Old California" signed and numbered
29” x 22"


Working the Herd, Cutting Out Bulls" Vaqueros on their hackamore and bridle horses part out the bulls from the herd in preparation for a new season. Double signed artist’s proof. The top edge of the white border edge on this one is dinged a little, but it is well out of the image and will be covered by a mat when framed.
31” x 20.5".

Jo Mora's Indians of North America

Add a touch of the West to your life with this authorized reprint of Jo Mora’s "Indians of North America" poster. Make certain that any Mora pieces you buy are either originals or are authorized limited reprints. This is a colorful companion piece to the "Cowboys" carte. Jo Mora spent years studying various tribes including living with the Hopi for extended periods.

This is packed full of information and history as well as being entertaining to study in the style of the “Renaissance Man of the Pacific Slope.” They are shipped in a protective tube ready to be properly matted and framed to coordinate with your house.

$75 each plus postage

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