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How to Tie Back the Hanger

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In order to fit well, a properly constructed bosal will have a short noseband. This results in the hanger (headstall) hanging close to the outer corners of the eyes.

The hanger should lie about 1/2" from the corner of the eye. Some horses with wide-set eyes need to have the hanger pulled away slightly. In that case, use the cheek string lash to position it.

Tip: This also helps to retain and stabilize the bosal while still allowing the unrestricted lift and release needed for success.  It might save you from walking home.

FYI - The use of a fiador was widespread years ago when first training with tougher, less handled horses and riding out alone in vast areas. It was a vital part of the hackamore (that means "halter") and helped to keep the hackamore on the bronc. Many times this was accompanied by the "tapa ojos", a blindfold that pulled down to cover the bronc's eyes. If things got a little too "western," the tapa ojos could be useful. With some horses that is still a good way; but the fiador, by its very nature, interferes with the lift and release o the bosal. With today's horses and methods the hanger with cheek string lash is a workable solution.

There are a few ways to tie the cheek string lash; here's one that is effective and secure.

(Thanks to Jonna and Easy (aka The Big Easy) for this demonstration.)

Follow these pictorial steps to tie up the cheek string lash:



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