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How to Tie the Bosalita Forelock Hanger

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To answer this, first I would have to stop and ask how far along is your horse is in the bridle?

The reason is this: many people see the forelock tie and want to copy it. If your horse is not advanced in the two rein to just about straight up, the lift of the center hung bosalita can get in the way of the two rein and hang up. This works best as a means for the 16 foot get down rope (mane or poly 1/4 to 3/8ths inch) or the 3/8ths 22 foot mecate tied in the alamar to be threaded through when leading the bridle horse. The bosalita is usually set higher for this than for a two rein outfit.

If your horse has enough forelock (some are stubby and this won't work), then you can start the wrap with a thin, but firm latigo (latigo leather is durable) attached to the bosal's nose button.

The key is to self "lock" the wrap, which is made very tight. Make certain that this is set smoothly after each wrap but not so tight that it pulls. If the forelock is too short, then you can use a standard behind the ear hanger, a figure 8 hanger, a double ear hanger or you can tie to the crown on your browband headstall (preferred for spade bits).


1. Tie your get down rope either at the base of the neck or around the upper portion depending upon how much you will be on and off your horse (or what part of the country you are from) and the length of the mecate.

2. Put on the bosalita (3/8ths or pencil 1/4 inch) with the center hanger.

3. Gather the forelock hair and lay the string flat against it.

4. Take one wrap of the string around the forelock.

5. Take a second wrap in the same direction as the first only this time lap it over the first wrap to help secure it. You may opt to choose to tie a half hitch and then cover it with a wrap.

6. Keep the slack out and lay each wrap next to the one before it. Use your thumb to push and pull it up tight.

7. Coming to the end, make a loop and a half hitch to secure the tie. The loop will stay out to one side of the horse's face.

That should hold. There are a couple of ways to do this, but this is the easiest I know of.

Remember, the alamar knot is NOT for everyone or every horse. It is a badge of honor. A horse wearing the legendary alamar is expected to be able to do anything asked.

A standard get down rope, however, is an essential piece of gear for leading that should be used on all horses wearing a CA type bit no matter the type.


Blessed trails...


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