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How to Tie a Diamond Knot

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This knot has a number of names. Whatever you want to call it, practice and be ready to teach others.

1. Put the 34 inch square or larger scarf around your neck making certain that the two pointed ends are even.

2. Wrap the scarf around your left hand (without enclosing the thumb) palm facing toward your chest wrapping away from you.

3. Catch the scarf with the left little finger after one and half wraps.


4. Use your right hand to thread the right pointed end through the wrap on your left hand first threading under then over the wraps.

5. Continue counterclockwise around the back till it is on the right side again. You have now made the top of the knot.


6. This time thread through the wraps over and then under to make the lower part of the knot.

7. Pull the points and work the knot till it is nice and even. Wear it with pride and be ready to teach others. This style of wearing mascadas works especially well when it is warm weather and you don’t need the double wrap scarf around your neck.


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