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Slobber Bars (“puentes”- bridges)

Like most CA style bits, slobber bars are made of metal--usually mild steel.

A stiff-jawed (AKA a “solid-jawed”) bit has a mandatory slobber bar. A busy-mouthed horse that is nervous about a lot of movement in a bit can find this helpful. It lessens the signal transmission into the rider’s hand as well as to the horse’s mouth.

A slobber bar

The rider must be ever-vigilant when using a bit with a slobber bar to make certain that the bar doesn’t hang up or have a stick get caught in the bit. Hanging up on a water trough, fence, gate, the ground, brush or any other obstruction can cause a terrible wreck for the rider, the horse and the equipment.

The bar also offers expanded options for emblazoning with decorative and functional silver whether loose or stiff jawed. Check the silver periodically to make certain that it is tight whether inlaid or overlaid. Loose silver can slice fingers and a curious horse.

If employed on a loose-jawed bit, the slobber bar will tighten the action. A slobber bar protects the horse by keeping the loose-jawed bit cheeks from pushing in or spreading too much. The bar also prevents a lass rope from fouling the cheeks.


NOTE: Do not confuse slobber straps with slobber bars on bits. They are not the leather slobber straps used to enfold a snaffle bit and connect it with the added weight to the mecate (natural mane) or McCarty (man made) reins.


Also see slobber chains


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