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Do Not Tie with a Get Down Rope!

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The question arises, “Why not tie with a get down rope?”

A get down is made of a narrow diameter mecate or poly rope in 1/4 or 3/8ths inch. Horses are strong. If tied, they can readily break the rope or mecate or pull a non-slip knot into their hide causing damage. Horses are also able to pull things over or pull off rails (always tie appropriately to posts instead, but NOT with a get down), small branches, etc.

If the bowline or other non-slip knot is not tied correctly or the horse pulls back and doesn’t come forward before going down, one could end up with a dead horse.

A get down is an enabling tool for the rider to use to maintain communication and contact with his horse when he dismounts to doctor, to open a gate that isn't set up for horseback function, to take a pit stop, to stretch one's legs, to get someone's hat, leads a second horse, etc. It is fluid and is not meant to have an "end." There should not be a dead weight on one end of the rope. A rider and his horse are to be cooperating partners. They are to stay together and build and retain trust.

We don't tie the get down run through a bosalita, either. The bosalita is for continued work and correction in the two rein phase or the bridle. It is another way to preserve the responsiveness of the horse, and correctly using our good gear helps in this as well as preserving our financial investment.

In this tradition, we do “more than,” rather than "just" or “instead of.” Preciseness is part of the patience and consistency required to succeed in making good bridle horses that last.


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