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Traditionally, the cattle culture of California and the Pacific Slope and the unique style of horsemanship developed by the vaqueros have been inseparably tied. This relationship made available to the vaquero easy access to hides to craft braided horse gear which has become essential to the art of vaquero horsemanship.


The best all around rawhide for this unique horse gear is made from the hides of mature cows. More abrasion resistant than roo, rawhide has the advantage of being ranch tough. Central Coast Ranch Rawhide (CCRR) is made without chemicals or dyes that dry out the rawhide and can be irritating to a sensitive horse. It is sustainable. This rawhide is flexible and the strings cut from it are full of “life.” When it comes to feel in a hackamore/bosal, much is derived from the rawhide core. Roo braided over a CCRR core makes a handsome and easily shapable hackamore/bosal.


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