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The Legendary Alamar Knot

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The training of the famed California bridle horse employs traditional horsemanship elements from Europe and the Middle East brought together with the expanses and challenges of a new land. The unique California style of horsemanship, gear and handling livestock developed on our great ranchos and readily spread throughout the Pacific Slope. 

Alamar knot on get down rope

A badge of honor, the alamar knot was tied in a mane hair mecate when the California stock horse had graduated to become a bridle horse. Two coils of the mecate were draped over the horse's neck with the knot proudly worn on the horse's chest. This set him apart as a finished bridle horse. It could also be slipped up toward the throat latch with the lead run through the bosalita to lead.

An alamar knot worn by a horse means that he can be called on to do just about anything and well. Of late, we have observed people trying to tie the alamar knot on horses that are no where near ready. The alamar is not for a trend or a fun ornament and it must be tied properly without strands hanging loosely trailing down.
Anything else is a mockery. 

Today, the alamar is preserved by a knowledgeable remnant on their horses and sometimes in their homes. The martingale or choker was created as an "excuse" to add silver to an outfit. As part of the growing interest in the vaquero, we are seeing a welcome resurgence of the alamar as an emblem of the renaissance of the horse culture of the Pacific Slope

Alamar knot close up

Blessed trails...


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