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Most of the items we sell are “custom” items. This means they are made to order based on our customers' requirements. Your input is a very important part of this process.

If you are interested in rawhide, leather gear or personal items, we invite you to visit with Aaron directly.  Unlike those stores that just retail, you are able to work with the artisan who makes your item.

If a single wrap or custom length silk is desired for a wild rag, you know that Dorothy will be hand sewing (with a needle and thread, not a machine) your specific mascada in the traditional way. If need be, she will also do her best to repair it over the years for just postage.

Your order is not passed to some indifferent guy in a stockroom or someone in a foreign country using inferior materials. It is handled by those who have spent their lives and talents in the Pacific Slope vaquero traditions honored and represented at California Classics. Your item means a great deal to these artisans and will be crafted with care and pride.

Your item  will be unique--NOT today’s standard “cookie cutter” (just like everyone else’s) mass produced items. Each item will feature slight nuances. Artisans bring a rich history of experience, skill and talent handed down from one generation to the next.  This level of skill and care is seldom seen today.

Our pages show many examples of items we have made. These do not represent items currently in stock. We try not to duplicate exactly, but we do create similar items. Artisans prefer to have some artistic license on projects. We post these photos to give you an idea of what can be done.

Don’t see what you had in mind? Contact us. We have more photos and ideas to share with you. Working together to create something special is half of the fun!

Designs, materials, size, the time required to craft the item and time of year/backlog will all have an impact on cost and how long it takes to deliver your order. This is particularly true with our horse and human jewelry offerings (scarf slides, belt buckles, barrettes, bracelets and saddle silver). Not only does the complexity of the design determine how much time is required, but changes in precious metal prices cause dramatic changes in the cost of materials. This is why you will not see prices posted on our custom item pages. It will take time for us to create or to work with our master silversmiths (whether similar to an example shown or a brand new concept). Remember, we don't start making anything until you agree with the design, the quote and actually submit your order.

Please give us a call to discuss your special design. Even if you are not sure of exactly what you want, we are always glad to work with you to produce that exclusive treat for yourself, a favorite horse or a special someone!

CC Bosal

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