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Cowgirl Book of Postcards
This colorful book of 30 full color glossy postcards features rare and exciting photographs and graphic images of wild west cowgirls. The postcards depict rodeo, wild west shows and exceptional cowgirl advertising art.
Each card is 5" x 7" and easy to tear out and mail. $10.00


More Postcards
There is also a colorful postcard (bound) booklet by William Mann with some of the posters, etc. used for ads years ago. These are going like hot cakes at $10 each for either sending or framing.


We also have the following titles

Cowgirls: Early Images and Collectibles by Judy Crandall, c. 1994, 126 pp., 11 in. tall x 8 1/2 in. wide, $19.95

Cultivating Hope: Homesteading on the Great Plains by L. Hubalek, softcover, $9.95

Heart of the Trail, by Mary Barmeyer O'Brien, softcover, $9.95

Lady Rancher by G. Roger $12.95

More Than Petticoats: Remarkable California Women, softcover, $9.95

Women of the West softcover, $4.95

Hell on Horses & Women by Marriott $15.95

Books by Ann Seagraves


Daughters of the West
Adventurous schoolmarms, daring cowgirls, Wells Fargo women and more...
Softcover, 6" x 9", 176 pages, $11.95

High-Spirited Women of the West
This book includes profiles of 10 brave women who dared to break conventional roles and becoming America's early feminists.
Softcover, 6" x 9", 175 pages, $11.95


Women who Charmed the West
Legendary actresses such as Lillian Russell, Sara Bernhardt, Maude Adams and Lillie Langtry are brought to life in this book, which covers the Victorian era of the 1800s through the turn-of-the-century.
Softcover, 6" x 9", 176 pages, $11.95


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