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The Jeremiah Watt Product ( JWP) bits feature a stainless steel cheek with unique floral designs back grounded so that they stand out nicely. You may select a mouthpiece from the JWP mouthpiece page. The fees for various mouthpieces change the price of the bits. Our base price on this line of bits includes a cricket in the mouthpiece. Spades are extra.

We will offer choices of mouthpieces: #5 (US Port ), 6 (San Joaquin uncovered), #7 (Half Breed), #11 (Frog with Cricket), #12 (Medium Port with a Cricket), #15 (Flat Top with Cricket), #18 (Floral Flat Top with a Cricket), #17 (Scroll Covered Tongue Release Half Breed with Cricket), #16 (Covered Floral San Joaquin), #17 (Covered Floral US Port), & #19 (Covered Floral Salinas). Call for a quote since some mouthpieces take more time to make so the fees are adjusted.

JWP bits are sold without rein chains. You should, however, select appropriate chains (or ask us to suggest chains to balance and protect your outfit) for each bit. See the Rein Chain page.

Below are samples of JWP bits. For more information, please see for current offerings and prices. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Left - JWP's Arena Classic #JWP400.
It is a Santa Barbara cheek that we use with a San Joaquin mouthpiece #16, 17, 19, or 20. This bit is loose jawed and features a slobber bar with floral pattern and background. 7 1/4" cheek and swivel hooks to attach rein chains.


Right - JWP's Arena Classic #JWP600 Las Cruces is loose jawed and 8" long. The chevron design has a darkened background which makes it stand out well. The bit comes with a slobber bar and swivel hooks for your rein chains.


Left - JWP #800 (the birdie bit) is attached. A lightweight bit, this unique bird cheek is a conversation starter for certain. Featuring the darkened embossed design with spots, the finish work is sleek. The slobber bar is also embossed. Available with a variety of mouthpiece choices, the bit is 7.5" ID, 1 lb. without rein chains


Right - JWP #1100 Descending circles make a handsome as well as practical bit that will be light in your hand and easy on your horse. Small gaunchos attach the embossed slobber bar while leaving the bit loose jawed. Measuring 7 3/4" ID cheek length, 1 lb.

This new 7" floral cheek and slobber bar are embossed but with a twist: they have been backgrounded for more dimension. The exceptionally satin finish on the stainless is attractive near or far. Shown with a well-shaped embossed spade, the copper wire wrapped braces are set correctly with more copper inlaid in the 5 1/8" bar. The bronze cricket will help with "la musica" your horse will make. #JWP-AC1000 with spade.
The new "Sweetheart Cheek" JWP 1500 can treat your horse, yourself or your best gal. Four hearts meet in the bell of the cheek with two more pointing to the mouthbar. This bit has a sweet iron mouthpiece you may select. Spade additional. Made with 7 1/2" cheeks. Weight 1 pound.
Images on this page provided by Jeremiah Watt Products.

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