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We are proud to announce CC’s Loose Ring Snaffle Bit shown with the CC Cow Horse mouthpiece (as the first of many) to be offered. We make them here at the ranch in the USA. Aaron is a craftsman who considers horses’ preferences.

The loose ring offers more pre-signals to the horse and your hand. “Floating" on the rings allows the horse to position the mouthpiece where it is most comfortable for him without interference from the weight of the headstall or reins. The joint is kept far away from the lips while still allowing freedom of movement. 

Shown is the 5.5 inch wide Cow Horse model. It weighs in at 11 ounces and its rings have an outside diameter of 3.5 inches. We also offer a 6 inch version. The end of the mouthpiece barrel height is 1.1 inches taking pinching out of the equation. The cannons are inlaid with copper to create a galvanic reaction which encourages saliva production.

The price for the CC Loose Ring Snaffle pictured with the cow horse mouth is $165 plus $7.15 (domestic) shipping. Select from 5.5 or 6 inches in width. To order, call 805-434-3858. To order internationally, contact us at info@calclassics.net for a shipping quote. 

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